Our Maryland based team is dedicated to helping others to become comfortable in their own surroundings when experiencing possible paranormal activity as well as educating the public about this fascinating field.

We perform home and business investigations and provide our clients with documentation of the investigation. As part of our investigations we will certainly look for reasonable explanations as a cause to the activity being experienced.

Our clients remain confidential unless they direct otherwise. We also provide a Release of Liability waiver prior to performing an investigation.

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Paranormal Activity

Though paranormal covers a vast range of activity including UFOs and Bigfoot, our focus is on ghosts and spirits. Paranormal is an activity or event that can not be explained and has yet to have scientific explanations.


Residual Activity

Residual paranormal activity does not interact with the living. Instead, when the environmental conditions are right, the event plays much like a record would. The energy from the past is stored in the surrounding elements resulting in the same sounds or visualizations replaying over and over and over again.


Intellectual Activity

This type of activity can and does interact with the living in numerous ways. It is the hardest type of activity for people to come to grips with. However, many people experience some incredible activity that affects them in a positive way including contact with passed loved ones. On the other hand there are bad energies out there so education is a must.