Residential and Business Investigations

These are free investigations for people that are experiencing possible paranormal activity. This type of investigation usually includes a pre-investigation meeting where client’s questions can be answered, our Medium can read the location, and the environment can be observed for a potential investigation.

If it’s agreed for an investigation to be performed, we will schedule one with the client at the earliest convenience. Clients are welcome to stay and even participate if they wish. However, certain steps should be taken to achieve the best results. The number of people involved should be kept at a minimum (please let us know if you are wanting to have other people at the location during the investigation). Too many people can cause contamination of our evidence. Noise also has to be controlled so no radios and televisions should be played once the investigation begins. We never wish to impose too long on a client so please discuss the preferred length of the investigation. Our experience does indicate that paranormal activity does spike between 2AM to 4AM, but this is not a required end time.

After our investigation has concluded our team members will comb through all of the media collected. Any possible evidence will be compiled and a copy will be placed on a thumb drive for the client. A review will be scheduled so we can sit down and review the evidence with the client personally. Depending on the purpose of the investigation a decision will be made whether or not any further services are required. Additional services can include additional investigations, cleansings, or meetings for education purposes.

Public Investigations

EPS offers opportunities for those that want to try to experience the paranormal for themselves. At certain locations we will give a limited number of guests the chance to investigate along with us. These guests will use the very equipment that we use and learn the methods that we deploy in an attempt to collect evidence. Our investigators are with you the entire time to guide you along. At no time will we use funhouse effects for entertainment purposes. If you experience something while you are with us- then you are really experiencing it! The costs for these investigations range from $25 to $40 depending on location and length of time. Snacks and equipment will be on hand for purchase. Feel free to inquire about the next public ghost hunt.

Private Investigations

We also offer private investigations for those looking for a personal experience. During these events you will join our team members on an actual investigation at a predetermined location. You will be given personalized instruction (if needed) and have the same opportunity as our team in catching evidence. As our guest you will be able to use our equipment and after the investigation has concluded, you will receive a copy of any evidence that the team collected during the investigation. The cost for this is $65 per person with a limit of three people. Any groups interested should contact us for a customized investigation.

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